Radiators are used to warm the atmosphere of a room or a building to create an artificial but comfortable environment for human to survive. Like any piece of machinery, radiators also break down and need repairs. We understand you can manage minor repairs like wire melts and short circuits but Plumbers Dalston focuses more on extreme damages as most of the time simple plumbing issues can now be repaired by owners at home.We would like you to know the different parts of radiator and its functions so that in case of emergencies, at least you know what to explain to your plumber. It will in turn expedite the process and bring you safety and comfort in no time.The components of your radiators are as follows:The boilerBoiler is the most important component and considered to be the heart of the radiator. It can be used to produce hot water for a hot water radiator or steam for a steam radiator. The pipesAn elegant system of pipes carries the steam or hot water through it and produces a radiation effect that warms the atmosphere.The regulatorRegulator is used to control the amount of heat dissipated into the air thereby controlling the temperature of the room.Having all these facts about the components of the radiator, it will be easier for you to explain to your plumber what causes the malfunction in this equipment. Moreover, it is important that you know these things for you to be able to know how does it operates and how to assemble or disassemble it in case of emergencies.We at Plumbers Dalston, offers our hands to repair your broken radiator or any of its parts with utmost care for your property and value for money. Just give us a call to have us come take a look at your radiator.

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