How to unblock an outside drain

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If your drain has become clogged you will have to step outside to the main for unclogging. Considering all the contamination that can occur from the back up you will want to cover your hands. Slip them into a pair of good latex gloves first, then slip some heavy leather gloves over them. Cover your eyes with eye protection so if anything splashes up it will not land in the eyes.
Using a big pipe wrench locate the clean out in the yard and slowly start removing the top. When doing this you will notice water kind of bubbling up and running out. This is okay since the pressure is slowly being relieved. Once the top is really loose the water will come running out, so make sure and step back while it empties the pressure out.
At least 100 feet of snake cable will be needed. Slowly start feeding the cable down into the clean out. It should easily go down in the pipe. In order to get the snake down farther a machine will be needed to feed it down. When the clog is hit the snake will not want to go down any farther.
As the machine is working the snake, the water will start bubbling as the clog is being worked out. Once the clog has been removed there will be a gurgling sound and the water will immediately go down. Let the machine continue to run so it will go beyond the clog in order to make sure everything is clear.
Have the garden hose handy so as you are pulling the snake out of the drain you can clean it really good. Put the equipment all up and this is how the blocked drain outside Dalston is successfully unclogged.

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